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2 December, 2015
Majorcan Easter Festivities
2 December, 2015

Almond Blossom


Almond trees blossom in the early months of the year, announcing the arrival of springtime.

Almond trees blossom in the early months of the year, announcing the arrival of springtime. How many photos have been taken of our Majorcan fields awash with these beautiful flowers! How many paintings have been based on the “almond blossom” theme! How many articles and news items have been written that highlight the beauty of this winter picture postcard! And rightly so, since the Majorcan landscape at this time of year brings many nature lovers to the island year after year to enjoy first-hand this natural phenomenon.

Almond trees can be found in nearly all fields across the island. In addition to their winter beauty, they bear their fruit in summer. Majorcan almonds are highly prized for their top quality. They are mainly used in cooking, including nougat (Christmas “turrón” sweets), the typical Majorcan almond cake (gató) and our renowned almond ice cream.

This photo was taken at the Son March estate. What a wonder to see these pale white flowers in the villa’s garden!


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