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23 June, 2016
Activities for Children
24 October, 2016

St. Bartholomew eve

Today at 18:30 begins St. Bartholomew eve with the departure of  the “cossiers i el dimoni”.

Six men white dressed and with coloured skirts (yellow, red and green) dance around a lady (played by a man) performing a typical popular dance of the XV century. Then, they dance with the devil at the main square and around the streets of the village. Many people run in front of the devil who opens, with his whip and a big stick, enough space for the dance of the “cossiers”.

It is a very popular, pretty and fun celebration and it is close to our Villas. Therefore, I recommend you make the most of the opportunity and go there if you stay with us these days.

The demon is known as Banya Verda. If you see him start running!

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